Always a bridesmaid, never wants to be a bride.
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“They Won’t Last” tells the story of CHRISTINE & MATTHEW, two 30-year olds who, after attending a friend's wedding reception, confront the potential longevity of their own relationship and the overall validity of marriage and true love... if there is such a thing.

A big believer in romantic notions such as soulmates and heart-rending poetry, Matt envisions the couple married with children within the next few years. Christine, on the other hand, can barely decide if she wants to be in a relationship. And who said anything about kids?! This life-changing exchange could lead to a break-up, the most passionate sex they've ever had, or maybe even a certain question being popped.

Our film will ask many questions. Are we staying in relationships because we’re in love, or because we don’t want to be alone? Is there such a thing as soulmates? Is marriage an anti-feminist death sentence for the individual? Is it wrong to not want kids? Within the narrative, we aim to explore the complexity of relationships, love, marriage, and how modern adults are living with yesterday's traditions.

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Always a Bridesmaid, Never wants to Be a Bride

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Portlynn Tagavi

Portlynn is a recent California Institute of the Arts Graduate, with a BFA in Character Animation. During her studies, she interned with Pixar Studios, developing her skills in storyboarding and narrative structure. Within the last three years, Tagavi has worked as a Character and Story Artist for Fox, Paramount, Psyop, the Jim Henson Company and DreamWorks. In 2016, she studied improv at the Women's Center for Creative Works and UCB in LA, where she excelled at improvised performance and storytelling. Her most recent credit is storyboard artist for PBS's SPLASH AND BUBBLES, which won a Parent's Choice Award in 2017.



Rich Bailey

Richard Bailey is a recent graduate of the University of Michigan, with a BA in Communication Studies, Screen Arts & Culture. In 2016, he interned in post-production at Intersport, a sports media company in Chicago. He worked at UMichigan's WOLV-TV as a producer & director for the sports comedy show ULTIMATE SPORTS SHOW, which won best show of the year (2017). He also produced & performed in a documentary parody, 17 FOR 38: THE DORM BASKETBALL DUEL. He also served as a production assistant for the student comedy sitcom RUSH, which won Best Comedy at the Lightworks Film Festival (2017). In addition, he worked at the Big Ten Network Student U as a crew member.



Brandon Gale

Brandon Gale is a native of Los Angeles and a graduate of Brandeis University, where he majored in both International & Global Studies and Film, Television & Media Studies. At Brandeis, he wrote, produced and directed a short film called LIFE IN THE WOOD. He also produced and co-wrote another short film, ABSTRACT. Since graduation, he has been working as a paralegal in New York while moonlighting as a screenwriter and script doctor. He has worked closely with writers from various countries on their work and served as an editor and script supervisor on the set of the short film DERELICT in Baltimore.



Delaney O'Brien

Delaney O'Brien attended Baylor University, where she earned her BA in Film and Digital Media. She then worked in New York in advertising over the next five years before moving to Los Angeles. Her work in LA has been in the camera department for a number of music videos for artists including DNCE, Sum 41, Kent Jones, Kris Wu, Meghan Trainor and Skip Marley. She has lensed several short narrative pieces of her own and is an avid stills photographer, shooting primarily in medium format.



Farzad l Kiyafar

Farzad Kiyafar is an Iranian filmmaker and editor who lives in Los Angeles & Seattle and earned his BA in Film and his MFA in Theatre from University of Art, Tehran. He also studied filmmaking and Television at Sheridan College in Canada. He directed and edited a few short films in Iran and Canada. His 35-minute film SOMEONE'S GOT TO TALK won the best film in FCI in Montreal and the student award in Tehran. He also worked as a videographer and editor at the Toronto International Film Festival


Production Designer

Beatrice Cerezo

Beatrice is a Filipino-American designer based in Los Angeles. She received a BA in Film Production from Emerson College with a minor in Art History.

Her experience spanning many departments in Film & TV allow her to design with a well-rounded view of production in mind. Her experience includes having spent 3 years working at the Paramount Film Sound Stage in Boston and 1 year as a coordinator for Cinnabar, a design/build firm based in Los Angeles. Beatrice has also worked on numerous short films. She currently freelances as part of the Art Department for TV show FUTURE MAN on Hulu.


About The Afi conservatory

 Located in the heart of the entertainment community in Hollywood, the AFI Conservatory places a strong emphasis on narrative visual storytelling and personal expression. It is consistently recognized as one of the world’s top film schools. A dedicated group of working professionals from the film and television communities serves as mentors in a hands-on, production-based environment nurturing the talents of tomorrow's storytellers.

Established in 1969, the two-year Master of Fine Arts program provides training in six filmmaking disciplines: Cinematography, Directing, Editing, Producing, Production Design and Screenwriting. Admission to AFI Conservatory is highly selective, with a maximum of only 140 graduates per year.

Past alumni include David Lynch (Mulholland Drive), Darren Aronofsky (Mother, Black Swan), Terrence Malick (The Tree of Life), Sam Esmail (Mr. Robot), and Patty Jenkins (Wonder Woman).







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