“They Won’t Last” tells the story of CHRISTINE & MATTHEW, two 30-year olds who, after attending a friend's wedding reception, confront the potential longevity of their own relationship and the overall validity of marriage and true love... if there is such a thing.

A big believer in romantic notions such as soulmates and heart-rending poetry, Matt envisions the couple married with children within the next few years. Christine, on the other hand, can barely decide if she wants to be in a relationship. And who said anything about kids?! This life-changing exchange could lead to a break-up, the most passionate sex they've ever had, or maybe even a certain question being popped.

Our film will ask many questions. Are we staying in relationships because we’re in love, or because we don’t want to be alone? Is there such a thing as soulmates? Is marriage an anti-feminist death sentence for the individual? Is it wrong to not want kids? Within the narrative, we aim to explore the complexity of relationships, love, marriage, and how modern adults are living with yesterday's traditions.